Texas Exotics & Whitetails

Five years ago, I purchased a nice ranch just south of Paint Rock, TX and 30 miles east of San Angelo, TX.  I’ve been raising big Mouflon, White Mouflon, Aoudad, Fallow deer, Ibex, Blackbuck antelope, Axis deer and Simitar-horned Oryx.  The ranch is covered with Mesquite trees and is fairly difficult to hunt, which makes it fun and challenging.

During the past five years, I have produced some monster animals, as I only take a limited number of hunters, on this ranch, each year.   By limiting the number of animals harvested each year, I am able to ensure quality trophies for the limited number of hunters who I book each year. 

Just south of the Paint Rock Ranch is a low-fenced ranch where we hunt blackbuck antelope and Hill Country whitetail deer out of blinds.  This is a great place for youth hunters.  In Texas, a youth deer license is only $7.00 (hunter’s safety card required).

We get around the ranch on foot and crew cab UTV’s.  Wounded animals are considered dead and will be paid for regardless.  Lodging is provided if the ranch house is unoccupied.  Meals are on your own; restaurants are close by.

 If you hunt in Texas with me, it will be a lot of fun and a great experience.

Whitetail (Low Fence, 3-day)                                  $2,000.00

Blackbuck Antelope                                                $2,500.00

Aoudad                                                                  $3,000.00

Mouflon                                                                 $3,000.00

White Mouflon                                                       $3,500.00

Fallow Deer                                                           $3,000.00

Ibex                                                                      $6,500.00

Simitar-Horned Oryx                                             $3,500.00

Axis Deer                                                             $3,000.00

White, Black & Corsican Rams                              $1,500.00

Texas Exotics Price List for Paint Rock Ranch

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