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48 years in the Hunting and Ranching Business

Little Creek Ranch

It’s going on 50 years in the hunting and ranching business at Little Creek Ranch in Collbran, CO. Each year, our old clients return and new clients arrive for their first of many hunts at Little Creek Ranch. It’s like a big family hunting together. We have great hunting leases, but they are getting harder to find as ranches change hands wildlife management practices differ. It appears that the Mule deer herds are coming back, the elk herd increases each year and our pronghorn hunting is fabulous. We only had a handful of buffalo clients this past season, but we specialize in bulls 10 years old and up; the dinosaurs that have been kicked out of the herd. As 2017 came to an end our success was good and our camps were filled with new and old friends. We will gladly supply references to anyone who requests them. We are proud of our reputation.

Little Creek Ranch has been in business for 50 years and we are still going strong!

In 1968, when I purchased the first part of the ranch, I had the dream of raising elk and a few years later I purchased my first elk.  Back in the early days, life was easy raising elk with no laws governing the game ranch industry. Today it is a different story but I have been able to adapt to the changes in the industry and provide each client with a challenging hunt for trophy bull elk.  Back in the early days I also started raising buffalo and have been able to place many buffalo in the S.C.I. record book during the last 40 years.

In 2018, I am, again, putting a big effort toward selling my preserve elk hunts.  I am selling hunts for any 6x6, or bigger, bull, on the ranch, for $6,500.  Check out the other outfitters and you will find this to be the best price anywhere.  Just think about it - taking a free-range, trophy bull can be difficult and time consuming.   At Little Creek Ranch, the terrain provides good cover for the animals and we must hunt early in the morning and in the evenings.  The hunt is two-nights, three-days and you will stay in one of our comfortable, guest cabins and meals and guide service are also included in the price of the hunt.  After the hunt, we can transport your meat to a local processor or you can take it home with you.  Come hunt my elk and buffalo preserve – you won’t be disappointed.