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2014 Big Game Season Dates


Elk only (limited)
Oct 11 15

Elk/Deer combo (limited for deer)
Oct 18 22

Elk/Deer combo (limited for deer)
Nov 1 Nov 5

Elk/Deer (limited)
Nov 12 16

Antelope (limited)
Oct 4 10

Plains Deer (limited)
Oct 25 Nov 4

Late Plains Deer (limited)
Dec 1 14

Texas Hill Country Whitetail
Nov Jan

Black Bear (limited)
Sept 2 - 30

Black Bear
(unlimited with concurrent deer and/or elk license)


Elk/Deer (limited)
Sept 13 21

Antelope (limited)
Oct 21 29


Elk/Deer (limited for deer)
Aug 30 Sept 28

Year Round


Current price list





Mule/Whitetail Deer

Late Plains Deer

Deer / Elk


Deer / Elk


Texas Hill Country Whitetail Deer

$3500 - $6500

Cow Elk

Yearling Buffalo

Private Reserve Elk
$5500 - $6500

Private Reserve Whitetail (140-160')

Drop Camps
$2500 - $3000

Deer & Antelope Vouchers
$600 - $1000

Non-hunter rate (per day)
$ 100

Prices do not include license fees, meat processing, taxidermy or gratuities. Non-resident license fees are $604.00 for elk; $361.00 for deer and $361.00 for antelope.

If you were born after January 1, 1949, you need a hunter safety card to hunt in Colorado. br>
Application deadline for limited licenses is April 1, 2014.

Buffalo Hunting

Little Creek Ranch's specialty has been the buffalo hunt. We've hunted them in many states, but mainly South Dakota and Colorado. We've guided many clients to big, massive bulls. These bulls are generally old and have been kicked out of the herd. To judge these bulls, I look for the massive head. Many times the hair covers the entire top of the skull and hides the horns. This type of bull is over 10 years of age and afraid of nothing. The Safari Club International record book is the best measuring system and keeps track of these bulls. Currently, I have put over 120 bulls in the record book. The buffalo hunt is conducted on foot and we try to get each client as close as possible. Buffalo are, generally, not spooky. For this reason, they were almost wiped out in the late 1800's. At our Collbran ranch we have a good selection of bulls to choose from. We also offer meat buffalo hunts for a very reasonable price. Come out to western Colorado for a buffalo hunt. You won't be disappointed.

Check the record book out; Little Creek Ranch dominates the numbers in the book. For the past 40 years we have shot more tophy buffalo than anyone else. Why is that? I buy only bulls eight years and older, several recorded in the 20 year mark. You can't raise big bulls over eight because they are just too ornery. Two buffalo reserves sell these bulls through private treaty and this is the secret to real trophy bulls. The federal government is the only place that keeps bulls older than 5. They use helicopters to round them up as these bulls are wild and are a very solitary type of animal. If you want a big head that uses a large taxidermy form and an old, wild buffalo, give us a call (970-858-9555).


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